Features and Benefits

  • Includes spectrometer, fiber optic cable, chamber connection, laptop computer and carry case

  • Versatile; use for troubleshooting, finger printing, chamber matching, and to verify tool endpoint detection system

  • Non-invasive, optical measuring technique does not break vacuum

  • Fast set-up; system can collect data within a few minutes after set-up

  • Configurable; select spectrometer type and accessories as required

  • Portable; all items pack within 17.75” (451mm) x 14.5” (386mm) x 12” (305mm) carry case

  • Easy-to-use; includes all items necessary for spectral data collection and analysis



Portable Spectrometer PPDS

Consult Factory for Spectrometer Availability

Description: The heart of Verity’s Portable Plasma Diagnostic System is Verity’s spectrometer and SpectraView™ applications software. The carry case can be configured to include the specific items needed for your application. The choices for spectrometer include:

SD1024G™ – High Performance

  • For demanding applications Scientific grade CCD

SD1024GH™ – Ultra Performance

  • Same as SD1024G, except:
    • Higher throughput optics
    • Lower noise electronics

SD1024GL™ – General Purpose

  • For general purpose applications

SD2048GL™ – High Resolution

  • For high resolution applications
  • Bright plasma required

All items are enclosed within a compact carry case for portability and ease of use. Two different chamber connection types are included to provide a secure fiber optic connection to most chamber types.