Spectrometer SD1024G Spectrometer SD1024G™ above

Features and Benefits

  • SD1024G/GH feature high and ultra performance
  • Provides robust endpoint determination
  • Can be used with existing SpectraView™ software
  • Use for endpoint detection, fault detection, and process diagnostics
  • 200 – 800 nm range
  • RoHS Compliant



  • For demanding applications
  • Single or multi-fiber input
  • Scientific grade CCD
  • Low systematic noise
  • Similar optics as SD1024F


  • For the most demanding applications
  • Same as SD1024G, except:
    • Higher throughput optics
      (similar to SD1024FH)
    • Lower systematic noise


  • For general purpose applications
  • Similar to SD1024FL
  • Uses different CCD from SD1024FL
    • SD1024FL CCD is obsolete


  • For high resolution applications
  • Bright source emission required
  • Similar to SD2048DL
  • Uses different CCD from SD2048DL
    • SD2048DL CCD is obsolete



NEW Spectrometer Series

Spectrometers are optical spectrum emission monitors that integrate sophisticated embedded processors and software designed to provide intelligent instrument control, data acquisition and endpoint detection capabilities.

Consult Verity for spectrometer availability as availability is model specific

> SD1024G™    – High Performance
> SD1024GH™ – Ultra Performance
> SD1024GL™ – General Purpose
> SD2048GL™ – High Resolution
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Spectrometer SD1024G™ – High Performance

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Description: the SD1024G was designed for demanding semiconductor process applications. Its optical system employs a 1024-element, scientific-grade CCD array specifically designed for multi-channel spectroscopy, offering high performance at a moderate cost. The advantages of the SD1024G include excellent ultraviolet (UV) response (down to 200nm), stability against degradation under UV exposure, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and superior output linearity. The unique optical platform results in highly efficient imaging of spectral information at the image plane of the two-dimensional detector array.


Spectrometer SD1024GH™ – Ultra Performance

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Description: The SD1024GH incorporates special high throughput optics and lower systematic noise as compared to the SD1024G. The optics used in the SD1024GH increase optical throughput by about 75%. Accordingly, the SD1024GH is recommended for applications that require maximum signal to noise, especially when measuring relatively low intensity signals.


Spectrometer SD1024GL™ – General Purpose

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The SD1024GL uses a general purpose CCD and was designed for general purpose semiconductor process applications.


Spectrometer SD2048GL™ – High Resolution

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The SD2048GL is nearly identical to the SD1024GL, but reports spectral data in 0.25nm increments instead of 0.5nm readings, as with the SD1024G and SD1024GL. Compared to the SD1024GL, the SD2048GL features a narrower inlet slit and modified embedded software parameters. Although the SD2048GL has better resolution than the SD1024GL, its corresponding sensitivity is significantly less.