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Spectral Reflectometer for Endpoint Detection & Film Thickness Measurement

Carrollton, Texas, April 14, 2004 - Verity Instruments, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of a Spectral Reflectometer designed for endpoint detection and film thickness measurement. Endpoint applications include etch applications where a stop layer is not present such as gate, recess, damascene, and STI types. Additional endpoint applications include the CMP applications of copper, tungsten, and STI polishing. In all cases, endpoint and film thickness can be determined in-situ and in real-time.

The SP2003 consists of a high performance spectrometer and a Xenon flashlamp. The spectrometer has many unique features. This includes the use of a two-dimensional CCD array that enables the system to simultaneously monitor from one to six fiber optic inputs. Thus, a single spectrometer can be used to provide uniformity measurements by simultaneously sampling up to six points on the same wafer. The Xenon flashlamp provides high intensity, a wide spectral range, the ability to separate background effects by using an alternating flashlamp mode, and the ability to provide unblurred measurements even in the case of a moving wafer.

The SP2003 is supplied with Verity's proprietary SpectraView™ application software for endpoint applications. Integration is possible using RS232 (serial or protocol- based), Ethernet, and Digital I/O communication.

Verity Instruments, Inc. is a leading supplier of instrumentation and software for optical endpoint determination as required in etch, CVD etchback, photoresist strip, CMP and related applications. Verity has been providing optical instruments for semiconductor processing since 1980. Additional information about the company and products can be found on Verity's website at or by phone at (972) 446-9990.

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