Dual Detectors PM225 (left), PM200 (right)

Dual Detectors PM225 (left), PM200 (right)

Dual Detectors PM200/225TM Series

The PM220/225 Series detectors are used to measure two fixed wavelengths in the range of 185–830nm. When used with Verity’s system controllers, the PM220/225 Series provides robust endpoint detection in appropriate applications. This series is most commonly used in applications where the chemistry is simple enough that overlapping spectra allow the use of a 10nm bandpass filter — but where two signals are necessary to ensure endpoint, or where two wavelengths are useful for alternative process recipes.

The PM225 detector accommodates two light emission inputs through fiber optic cables. The PM220TM detector includes a KF40 flange for direct mounting to the vacuum chamber. A quartz or sapphire window provides vacuum isolation, although the sapphire window provides better resistance to window etching than the quartz window.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved endpoint detection through measurement of two wavelengths
  • Cost-effective and compact through the use of interference filters
  • Enables measurement in low light applications through high-gain photomultiplier tube (PMT)
  • Adjusts for varying light conditions through automatic gain control feature when used with Verity’s system controllers
  • Simple installation through a KF40 flange or mounting bracket