SpectraView is Verity Instruments' signature endpoint detection software application.  It accompanies each model of spectrometer that we provide.

This state-of-the-art software includes the following features and utilities:

  • Real-time endpoint detection with a rich palette of tools that include powerful scripting abilities, variables, integrating tool data, and parallel processing to notify the tool of endpoint within a few milliseconds of detection.
  • Endpoint Designer utility, which can process any spectral data file.  It automatically identifies the wavelengths that contribute to a transition and combines them into an optimized parameter.  The results are then dynamically updated, quickly guiding the user to an automatic, robust endpoint control algorithm.
  • There’s also Statistical Process Control, a real-time data collection tool used to monitor and analyze the statistical performance of tool wafer processing, while tracking excursions from desired set points.
  • Spectral Viewer is another useful resource that displays coupled spectral and time series graphs that update dynamically based on cursor position.  This interactive tool provides a powerful way to visual process changes during expected endpoint transitions or other process steps.  The Line ID feature helps identify transmission lines by making tabulated spectral line data ordered by species name or wavelength, available for superposition onto process data.
  • The Event Statistics feature provides both real-time status viewing and historical analysis of endpoint consistency.  Users can screen statistics for outliers or other events and open associated data files by simply double-clicking points on the graph.

The newest release of SpectraView will support a true client/server processing, which will provide enhanced reliability.