SD1024X Spectrometer

Embedded Spectrometer Series

Unique in our industry, the SD1024XTM combines the functionality of a high performance spectrometer and process computer in the same size enclosure as Verity’s standard spectrometers.

The SD1024X runs Verity’s SpectraView (version 6.2+) applications software. This is the same software as can be used with an applications computer in support of a traditional (SD1024D, SD1024F, and SD1024G series) spectrometer.

All SD1024X Series Instruments are RoHS Compliant

We’ve gone the extra mile, so you don’t go the extra nanometer.


High Performance


The SD1024X spectrometer is designed for demanding semiconductor process control applications, such as low exposed area contact etch. When coupled with a Verity flashlamp the SD1024X can also be used as a spectral reflectometer for film thickness or depth measurement. The scientific grade CCD features thermoelectric cooling (for low noise) excellent ultraviolet sensitivity, low noise, and wide dynamic range.

Features & Benefits

  • For demanding applications
  • Single or multi-fiber input
  • Scientific grade CCD
  • Low systematic noise
  • Graphics display
  • Interface keypad
  • Same optics as SD1024G
  • RoHS Compliant


Ultra Performance


The SD1024XH, a higher performance version of the SD1024X, incorporates very high efficiency optics for superior light throughput (higher signal) and reduced electronics noise.

Features & Benefits

  • For the most demanding applications
  • Same as SD1024X, except:
    • Higher throughput optics (similar to SD1024FH)
    • Lower systematic noise
  • RoHS Compliant


General Purpose


The SD1024XL uses a mid-grade CCD and was designed for general purpose semiconductor process applications.

Features & Benefits

  • For general purpose applications
  • Same optics as SD1024GL
  • Uses different CCD from SD1024FL
  • SD1024FL CCD is obsolete
  • RoHS Compliant


High Resolution


The SD2048XL is nearly identical to the SD1024XL, but reports spectral data in 0.25nm increments instead of 0.5nm increments, as with the SD1024X and SD1024XL. Although the SD2048XL has better resolution than the SD1024XL, its sensitivity is lower as a consequence of the smaller input slit that supports the higher resolution.

Features & Benefits

  • For high resolution applications
  • Bright source emission required
  • Same optics as SD2048GL
  • Uses different CCD from SD2048FL
  • SD2048FL CCD is obsolete
  • RoHS Compliant