Detectors PM100 (left), PM140 (right)

Detectors PM100 (left), PM140 (right)

Detectors PM100/140TM Series

The PM100/140 Series detectors are used to measure a single fixed wavelength in the range of 185–830nm. When used with Verity’s system controllers, the PM100/140 Series provides robust endpoint detection when used in the appropriate applications. This series is most commonly used in applications where the chemistry is simple enough that a fixed 10nm bandpass detector is suitable. At some wavelengths, alternative filters with a lower bandpass may be available.

The PM100 mounts to a viewport and includes an integral light aperture located on the bottom of the instrument. The PM140 includes a KF40 flange for mounting to the vacuum chamber. A quartz or sapphire window provides vacuum isolation. A sapphire window provides better resistance to window etching than the quartz window.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost-effective and compact through the use of interference filters
  • Enables measurement in low light applications through high-gain photomultiplier tube
  • Adjusts for varying light conditions through automatic gain control feature when used with Verity’s system controllers
  • Simple installation through a KF40 flange or mounting bracket