Verity Instruments Releases New Value Line Spectrometer

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Verity Instruments Releases New Value Line Spectrometer

September 2, 2016– Verity Instruments is pleased to announce the release of the SE1024GL- CMOS spectrometer. The SE1024GL- CMOS spectrometer provides a cost effective solution for general purpose applications. As compared the SD1024GL, cost is reduced by the use of simpler packaging, LCD display removal, reduced connector count and a sensor that requires simpler electronics.

Despite the cost reduction, the impact on performance is minimal, with the primary advantage of the SD1024GL being its wider dynamic range. In common with the SD1024GL, the SE1024GL uses the same CPU processor, embedded software, and optical head (except for the sensor).
The SE1024GL spectrometer has similar performance to the SD1024GL, and it can be used with existing SpectraViewTM software. The SE1024GL-CMOS is 48% smaller than the SD1024G Series spectrometers, has a 200-800 nm range, and is RoHS Compliant.

Verity Instruments, Inc. is a leading supplier of advanced instrumentation and software for optical endpoint determination as required in etch, CVD etchback, photoresist strip, CMP endpoint and related applications. Additional products include instruments for film thickness and etch depth measurement. Verity has been providing optical instruments for semiconductor processing since 1980. Additional information about the company and products can be found on Verity’s website at or by phone at (972) 446-9990.


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